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The Black Families Education Support Group is a constituted voluntary organisation aiming to promote racial equality and challenge racism in the education system.

The Group was established in 1993 with the support of Bath Racial Equality Council. There was a strong feeling at the time that it was essential that Black and Minority Ethnic people became involved in educational decision making at all levels. The main aims of the Group at its formation were to encourage greater participation by B&ME parents in the mainstream education system and to specifically encourage B&ME people to become school governors.

The group held its first public meeting in March 1993, which was regarded as the first major step in raising awareness of the issues relating to racial equality in the local education system and was the means by which more members of the local B&ME communities became involved in the work of the group. The Group appointed a part-time development worker in January 1994, securing funding from Avon County Council Education Department with a Supplementary Grant of £4000. The group was initially managed by a Steering Committee. A constitution was adopted and the first Management Committee elected on March 17th 1994.

The management committee of the Black Families Education Support Group is made up entirely of service users and 100% of the management committee are parents of children from Black and Minority Ethnic groups.

Its current strategic objectives include promoting equality of opportunity in relation to educational achievement; increasing access to educational opportunities for B&ME young people; ensuring schools meet the needs of B&ME students; empowering B&ME parents to play an effective role in their children’s education and ensuring effective educational policy development in relation to racial equality issues.

The organisation provides a range of services including: advice, information and advocacy support for B&ME families on all aspects of the education system; educational activities for young people; mentoring programme for B&ME young people; Supplementary school; anti-racist workshops for young people in schools; guidance and training for staff within educational institutions on racial equality and education; public meetings and conferences; policy development work with the LEA and key educational partners.